Using Todoist to Elevate Your Hybrid Planning System

Stop losing track of long-term tasks in notebooks and emails. 

Stay on top of your daily rituals without rewriting them every day in your paper planner. 

Filter through hundreds of to-do's to clearly see what needs your attention next week - not next year.

Ready to Clear the Clutter and Stay on Track?


Download the Guide Now and Get All the Details on Using Todoist to Elevate Your Hybrid Planning System, Including:

  • Organizing and color-coding your tasks by project to get them out of your head and off the Post-It notes and into a system where you can find them when you need them (even a year later!)
  • Tracking your daily rituals to stay at your best without having to handwrite routines every day in your paper planner
  • Using labels to sort your tasks by work type so you're matching tasks to the time of day when you're best primed to get them done
  • Applying filters to up-level your weekly planning game by showing you exactly what needs your attention now - not months from now - to help you prioritize and time block the right tasks on your calendar

Hi there! I'm Allie... 

As a small business owner, author, and mom of three who has some seriously BIG dreams, I understand the importance of goal setting, organization systems, and complex task management. While our life is full of color codes and labels, I also know how easy it is to fall off track with crazy sports schedules, missed flights, and forgetting to defrost dinner. 

I help busy professionals structure their chaos and reclaim their joy by utilizing organizational systems and workflows to get (and keep) it all together.


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